Wipe that Smirk off Your Face

The news channels are playing this game after every Presidential debate. A group of people sit around and try to pontificate about whether or not, at a particular time in the proceedings, the debaters were wearing a smirk of a smile on their faces. Apparently the quality of the expression on their features goes a way-long way toward determining whether or not the voting viewers will decide these candidates are Presidential.

The channel will set up a really long table, absolutely filled with a phalanx of the best political analysts you can find out there. Of course the channel will do its best to make sure that the “balance” of these people will be fair between conservative facial feature analysts and liberal facial feature analysts. These people will go into laborious detail about every lip twitch, brow furrow, sideways glance and raising of an eyebrow. (Of course, we all know what it means when they raise the left eyebrow.) From what I understand, the final determination of these panels can be best defined by the following two examples.

Candidate #1: “I have a really great plan for this economy.” (Smile.) This is a very well thought out plan that should have this country booming in a few months.

Candidate #2 “I have a really great plan for this economy.” (Smirk.) This plan obviously sucks.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but wouldn’t it be a good idea for these news channels to get together a panel of experts to discuss exactly what the plans are all about?

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