Ya Gotta Believe

A lot of people seem to be relying on faith to navigate their way through life.

They have their own religious beliefs, which is fine. Religion is the home of faith. However, there are other places where they use faith as there measuring stick for decisions in life, places where there’s some facts they choose to ignore.

There are bunches of people who will tell you they have faith in the guy or gal who represents them in Congress. Overall they have about a 10% faith in the whole of Congress, nevertheless they’ve got faith in their Representative.

There are a number of folks who don’t believe in the findings of experts and scientists.  There’s the big argument about Creation. Personally, I find the words in Genesis to be awfully similar to the course of events of scientific theory. “Let there be light” sounds a lot like a Big Bang. I think the big disagreement is over the length of God’s Day.

There are also lots of people who don’t believe in global warming. Doesn’t matter what the scientists say, they just don’t believe in it.

At first, I didn’t like these ideas very much, but I’m beginning to see how I could put them to good use. All I’d have to do is not believe in things that I find inconvenient in my life. I think there’s a future in that.

“But, Officer, I don’t believe that the speed limit is 65 mph.”

That oughta work.

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