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Let’s get over that caveman thing

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

From what has been gathered by archeologists so far, it seems that we were Cave Humans for tens of thousands of years. It stands to reason that natural selection worked on us and gave us characteristics useful to the life of Hunter/Gatherers. Now that we’ve conquered such lofty skills as being able to handle fire, we’ve got to turn our adapted selves around and attempt to become Modern Humans or even Civilized Humans. I think we’re having troubles getting away from the instincts that have been bred into us.

I’m going to start out by taking exception to the terminology I used above. The expression Hunter/Gatherers focuses on the way we acquired our food, a serious consideration in those bad old days. However, I want to take a slightly more sociological look at that society and change the expression to Warrior/Nurturers, because that was what was happening. Guys were grabbing up their weapons and going out and hunting down the meat for the table and also fighting off the Guys from other tribes who were also wandering around out there with their weapons. In some societies these two functions merged into the same thing. The Gals were staying in the communal area, taking care of the young and filling the tribal larders with nuts and berries.

Then humanity learned how to smelt metals, plant crops, and etch printed circuit boards, all in one week, I think. This left us Nurturers/Hunters/Warriors/Gatherers scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do. We had a whole new environment to react to, and only bad old instincts to guide us.

So we’ve got a whole bunch of social ills running through our societies, most of them born in caves: gender equality, racial prejudice (them damned illegal aliens that kept poaching the mastodons out of our territory), and aggression against other humans. Maybe if we look at them in the light of their origins, we might be able to fix them.


Are you for Real?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The title of this piece is an old expression. It has its uses because there’s more than one meaning to it.

I’m going to use another expression that cites the good old days: Do you remember when television was scripted and politics was reality?

The problem is that television says it’s real, but it’s not. It’s exactly the opposite. Take your Real Wives of Oshkosh. Those “real” wives are the most unreal things you’ll ever see. Leads me to wonder if they’re actually married.

It seems that everything on television has retreated from real. What disturbs me is that even the news is doing that, both by commission and omission. Commission: Fair and Balanced. Omission: fact checking. What’s flashing up on the screen is what just got put on the Internet (definitely no real) and has been hustled onto the “news.”

So the news is becoming less and less believable. With the result that anyone who has a camera turned on them feel beholden to stand up there and tell a whopper. Unfortunately a lot of cameras are turned on to politicians, and they have unfortunately discovered the bigger the lie that they tell, the more face time they get. So politics becomes scripted and definitely not for real.

So to get back to the title of this piece. Are you for real? I am all for real. The question is: where do I find it?

And all of the people from the “reality” shows seem to be right out of Central Casting.