He’s b-a-a-a-ck

Okay, I realize that I come in way down in the standings for maintenance of a blog site, but I’ll try to plead innocence (not innocent) to the charges. It all started out properly enough. Originally, I knew that I should get into this electronic stuff and should be hip and up to date with all of this web presence garbage.

So I went ahead and had a friend get me up with both a web and a blog site. The operative expression here is “had a friend do it.” I suddenly found myself owning all of these neat things that I didn’t know a thing about. I immediately went into the second stage of web presence: fear of the unknown.

I would occasionally peer in suspiciously at the site to see what the hell it was doing. I would put on rubber gloves before I even touched the keyboard to make any entries, afraid I might pick up some sort of electronic cooties from this strange little beast I had launched. I decided it was something best left alone until I was sure it was properly housebroken.

However, circumstances began to rear ugly heads a few weeks ago. Apparently there’s something you can set to allow people to register with your blog site.  A few folks had done that early on, but I kept a modest distance away from those things, judging it a proper, hygienic practice to quarantine myself from a potentially infectious area. Things changed as I suddenly began getting bunches of people registering on the site. When it began to be hundreds in a day, I realized there had to be some sort of predatory thing happening, so I dressed myself up in a clean suit and wandered into the site, determined to figure out how to stop this cascade of registrants. I was able to figure out how to turn off the function and how to purge those people already in there.

Out of this necessary act of self-preservation, I learned how the heck some of these things on the blog site worked. So I’m setting about trying to be a little more regular with posting my thoughts on this site. I’ll make no promises about how frequently I will put things out there, but given my past record, anything is bound to be an improvement.



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